Founded in 1991, IRA is a Bulgarian manufacturer and supplier of various types of rubber products such as, O-Rings, Flange Gaskets, Pickers, Rubber Sheets and Rolls, Water Meter Gaskets and other Custom Molded Rubber parts.

As one of the major manufacturers in the country we can afford to give you the best quality and price in the industry. Technologically advanced equipment of our company allows us to manufacture a wide range of rubber extruded products extensively used in various industries. Whether it is an industrial standard or a size developed to customer specifications, our commitment is to minimize downtime and maximize quality. Engineers in various industries, choose products made by IRA to keep their equipment working safely and dependably. Our close tolerances and exact specifications make IRA a truly reliable rubber goods supplier for all your sealing needs. The company employees are high-qualified experts with long-term experience in the areas of production and commerce.

The focus of our growth strategy is our ambition to be a company of first choice for clients when they need quality products, to create sustainable benefits for our clients and be their strategic partners. Efforts to expand the range of new products and individual solutions for each client will remain at the core of our business.

We at IRA aim to be a mirror for our customers, helping everyone to see in his reflection what he really needs. We will focus a major part of our investment efforts on innovation and employee training.

We recognize that every customer’s needs are unique. One thing you can be sure of is that when you are our customer, you are important and appreciated, and you will receive the best service possible. This is our promise, this is our commitment.

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