useful tips for installing a bentonite strip

Useful Tips for Installing a Bentonite Strip

Bentonite strip is a combination of rubber cord and natural bentonite clay with stabilizing additives. In contact with water, it may expand to about 4 to 5 times its initial volume, ensuring in this way the retention of water in the vertical and horizontal construction joints and sealing any cavities of concrete, cracks, etc.

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o-ring lubrication

The Importance of O-ring Lubrication

One of the most important things which is recommended to be done before installing most types of seals is to be properly lubricated. Lubricants are commonly used for handling O-rings and other elastomeric seals. Using a suitable grease or oil during installation helps protect the O-ring from damage by pinching, abrasion, or cutting. It also helps seat the O-ring properly, speeds up installation operations, and makes automated assembly line procedures possible.

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o-ring failure

How to Recognize the Common Causes of O-ring Failure?

O-rings are the most commonly used seals in fluid-power systems. They must deform to function properly. As the name implies, the O-rings have a doughnut shape. (Torus is the geometric term that describes the O-ring.) They are installed in cavities known as grooves and then compressed. The resulting zero clearance within the groove provides the seal that blocks the flow of liquids and gases. This simple arrangement serves many fluid-power systems very well, but success still requires careful design, selection, and installation procedures.

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avoiding o-ring problems

Six Tips for Avoiding O-ring Problems

Seal is a device, or combination of devices, intended to prevent the passage of liquid, vapor, or gas between two or more connected surfaces. Nowadays, countless varieties of seals are in use worldwide, differing in both their construction materials and geometry. One of the most widely used devices for sealing today is the O-ring.

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properties of a good gasket

What Properties Must Have a Good Gasket?

Frequently questions arise regarding the proper selection, use, storage and handling of gaskets. Unfortunately these questions usually emerge after a gasket has failed in service. It must be remembered that a seal is much more than a spacer which can take all types of abuse and still function as intended. Generally, a gasket is placed between two surfaces in order to prevent leakage. Even though that is a static piece of material and is generally not subjected to constant mechanical action or chemical exposure, it must, nonetheless, meet several criteria to be able to perform its function.

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uses of rubber sheets

What are the Uses of Rubber Sheets?

There are particular types of rubber products that have gained more prominence over others. Rubber sheets, for instance, are products that are used in many areas and can be used flexibly for different purposes.

Rubber sheet is a sheet made of rubber or cloth coated with rubber. There is a wide variety of rubber sheets in the market and finding the most appropriate one is often a tough task. Before selecting that kind of sheet you should check its length, width and thickness as per your requirements.

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the best way to store gaskets

What is the Best Way to Store Gaskets?

Most gasket storage practices are rarely optimal or even satisfactory. What is the best way to store gaskets and how can we improve the way we currently store them?

Although many gaskets or gasket materials from which they are cut can be used safely after storage for many years, ageing will have a distinct effect on the performance of certain types of gaskets or those materials. Primarily, this is a concern with materials which are bonded with elastomers. They in general should not be used after about 5 years from the date of manufacture. If required, they shall be used only after careful inspection. Gaskets or materials with elastomeric binders will inevitably deteriorate over time, and even more quickly at higher ambient temperatures. Degradation is also catalysed by intense sunlight.

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advantages reinforced rubber sheets

The Main Advantages of Reinforced Rubber Sheets

Rubber sheets are rubber molded into flat sheets with an even thickness. They are often sold on a roll of a specific length for easy handling. Common thicknesses of rubber sheets vary from very thin to very thick. The thickness of the sheets combined with the type of rubber used in the sheets determine their use. One of the many uses of rubber sheets (as well as reinforced rubber sheets) is for gaskets cut in different shapes. The gaskets cut from rubber sheets keep fluids and gases from penetrating substances or keep them contained within vessels or high/low-temperature mechanical systems.

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