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Hydrophilic Bentonite Strips

Swelling waterstop and hydrophilic bentonite strip is a product used to ensure complete sealing of joints in concrete and precast concrete elements. Upon prolonged contact with any penetrated water the material increases its volume several times, taking the form of joints and filling all the honeycombs in concrete. Thus it stops leaks. The excellent technological parameters and the easy mounting method make hydrophilic bentonite strips applicable as an isolation material for joints in underground construction, hydraulic structures and civil construction. Example of applications: Joints with limited movements; construction joints; water and sewage treatment; primary and secondary structures; elevator pits; tunnels; culverts; water tanks and canals; pipe penetrations; parking garages; retaining walls; foundations; slabs; etc.

Our Hydrophilic Bentonite Strips

Our company offers bentonite strips with excellent waterproofing properties. Waterstop strips are offered with a rectangular cross-section. They are deformable, and follow closely the contour of the structure on which they are laid. The product is not intended for use in open joints. When mounting the hydrophilic strip need to be provided a minimum of 80 mm concrete cover on all sides of the strip due to high pressure on the concrete in strip expansion in all directions.

Our Materials

The material used for manufacturing of water absorbing strips is a natural bentonite clay and rubber. Water swelling strips are available in various colors.