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The O-ring is one of the simplest, most common types of seal used for various static and dynamic applications. This kind of seals is basically used in every field of industry including aerospace, automotive or general engineering. The ability of the O-ring by deforming to take the shape of the groove when its cross-section is compressed is the basic reason an O-rings make an excellent seal.

Our O-Rings

We offer a large selection of static seals for both standard and special applications which allow the O-rings to seal many kinds of liquid and gaseous media.

The O-rings we manufacture are both cost-effective and perform highly in almost every environment. We provide a wide range of seals – standard or custom-made O-Rings. The base color of made seals is black, but the color may be different depending on the customer’s requirement.

Our Materials

The basic material used of our company for manufacturing this kind of seals is natural rubber (NR). Despite the variety of different existing types of synthetic rubber, with their special properties, the natural rubber is still with significant use and is preferable, because of that it is highly molded material with excellent physical properties and temperature range from -51 °C to +100 °C.

Our products are inexpensive and good sealing solution with long service life, very reliable, and have simple mounting requirements.