Shuttle Loom Pickers are products used in the work of textile weaving machines. Their main function is to perform and absorb the impact of the shuttle in the process of weaving.

We are a company with experience in providing a wide range of rubber pickers for weaving machines. Our company manufactures all types of pickers for shuttle looms, such as RUTI-C, PICANOL, TOYODA, SAKAMOTO. We can also manufacture them for other types of weaving machines.

Most pickers in the market are manufactured of rawhide. One of the many disadvantages of that material in comparison with rubber is that it is not uniform and therefore pickers made of it show fluctuations with regard to their qualities. Most resilient loom pickers are made of rubber. They give a more satisfactory service than the rawhide ones.

For improving the strength and durability of our shuttle loom pickers, we, IRA has developed new generation products with embedded fibers of cord in their core. Thus, wearing out of that part of the loom is significantly slowed. In addition to the longer service life and the ability to take stronger hits from the shuttle in comparison with other similar products, our pickers are distinguished by easy and fast installation. They are manufactured using an excellent quality of raw materials and proven technology.

high quality loom pickers

loom pickers and a shuttle

Shuttle Loom Picker Sizes

HEIGHT 37 32
WIDTH 28 13
LENGTH 57 23

how shuttle loom picker works