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water meter gasket application

Water Meter Gaskets are not different in their basic use from the standard sealing elements. Some of them are products used to prevent water leakage at the place of the connection between a water meter and couplings, while others are gaskets for sealing the front face of the water meter, closing the space between its register and its glass. These details can be grouped on the base of different criteria by their flow rate, size, chemical bond, budget and others. Water meter gaskets can be made of various materials which create hermetic sealing. The most common of them are leather, plastic, fibre, silicone, cork, specialty papers, sponge, felt, ceramics, and natural or synthetic rubber. New meter gaskets will insure a long term leak free seal, and are recommended to be changed every time you change out a meter. It is not recommended to reuse old gaskets.

IRA is a manufacturer of water meter gaskets with various sizes and for different flow rate. We offer tightening gaskets for water meter glasses and coupling gaskets. In addition to referred products we can also manufacture and other gaskets in accordance with customer’s requirements.

We consider natural rubber (NR) and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) as the most suitable materials for manufacture of such products, because of their good strength characteristics and better water resistance compared to other elastomers. The basic color of our gaskets is black.

high quality tightening gaskets

tightening gaskets and coupling gaskets

installation of water meter gaskets

Tightening Gasket Sizes for Water Meter Glasses

Ø 72 3
Ø 75 5
Ø 80 10
Ø 90 20
Ø 105 25
Ø 135 40
Ø 170 80

Water Meter Coupling Gasket Sizes

SIZES IN inches ½ ¾ 1
2 3