o-ring lubrication

The Importance of O-ring Lubrication

One of the most important things which is recommended to be done before installing most types of seals is to be properly lubricated. Lubricants are commonly used for handling O-rings and other elastomeric seals. Using a suitable grease or oil during installation helps protect the O-ring from damage by pinching, abrasion, or cutting. It also helps seat the O-ring properly, speeds up installation operations, and makes automated assembly line procedures possible.

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useful tips for installing a bentonite strip

Useful Tips for Installing a Bentonite Strip

Bentonite strip is a combination of rubber cord and natural bentonite clay with stabilizing additives. In contact with water, it may expand to about 4 to 5 times its initial volume, ensuring in this way the retention of water in the vertical and horizontal construction joints and sealing any cavities of concrete, cracks, etc.

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