properties of a good gasket

What Properties Must Have a Good Gasket?

Frequently questions arise regarding the proper selection, use, storage and handling of gaskets. Unfortunately these questions usually emerge after a gasket has failed in service. It must be remembered that a seal is much more than a spacer which can take all types of abuse and still function as intended. Generally, a gasket is placed between two surfaces in order to prevent leakage. Even though that is a static piece of material and is generally not subjected to constant mechanical action or chemical exposure, it must, nonetheless, meet several criteria to be able to perform its function.

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useful tips for installing a bentonite strip

Useful Tips for Installing a Bentonite Strip

Bentonite strip is a combination of rubber cord and natural bentonite clay with stabilizing additives. In contact with water, it may expand to about 4 to 5 times its initial volume, ensuring in this way the retention of water in the vertical and horizontal construction joints and sealing any cavities of concrete, cracks, etc.

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